Do you torture yourself with a litany of shoulds?

I should...

  • Eat better ...

  • Exercise More ...

  • Get more sleep ...

  • Rest ...

  • Know better ...

  • Do Better ....

Yes, that was ME!

 Until I finally unlocked the missing piece of the puzzle

In my book - Make Every Day Count  I share the secrets that finally got rid of the annoying 'shoulds' spinning in my head. Unlocking these secrets allowed me to make real progress with my own health and wellbeing.


With habits that will change your life.


Welcome , I'm delighted you're here...

Hopefully, if you scrolling down my home page you have read my book.

I do hope you have enjoyed it; that it has already added value to your life and it's inspiring you to make small changes to your days.

One small change is all you need to get you started. Believe me, the getting started is the hardest part. Nail this and anything is possible.

I'd love to stay in touch and encourage you to keep making those small changes, as a bonus if you sign up, I have created a poster that illustrates what I think goes on inside your brain. When you understand this anything is possible!

And remember you can achieve anything you put your mind to, once you have created a set of mini habits that nudge you forward making progress and that helps make every day count




"If we all live Making Every Day Count by creating a set of daily habits that can be handed down through the generations, a legacy worth passing on, collectively we will flourish"

Nora Briggs

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